With Signal we set out to reinvent the way people listen to talk radio. We dreamed of a world where broadcasters could reach out and engage with their listeners, and the listeners could reach back.

I was hired as a product and brand designer to do the groundwork in order for the platform to grow. My involvement with the startup was as their chief designer and design consultant. I was responsible for concepting and designing the user flows, building the interface and style guide, working with the engineering team, designing and front-end development for the marketing website, and lastly seeing the product through until launch.


The Process

Rapid Prototyping and User Flows

I usually begin this process with low-fidelity wireframed user flows, to work out the kinks of the user experience at the get-go. Check out an early Flinto prototype for Signal. sm

User Flow Map


Interface Design

The close next step is to pull together all of the design elements into one consistent graphical user interface; creating reusable systems and styles for a consistent experience. xsm xsm

twoup twoup


Icon Design



Design and Front-end Development