A Good Pair

A Good Pair is a passion project that I co-created with my wife Alex; it’s a curated journal of complementary food and drink pairings.

This project is our own version of a public service, using our passions to give back to the world. Our approach is that the whole project is an amateur exploration of the senses, built on the idea that when two good things come together, magic happens. It harnesses each of our passions, mine for coffee and drink, and Alex’s for baking and cooking. We had always wanted to work on a project together and took that opportunity here.

The Identity


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A major thing that Alex and I wanted to deliver on for this project was the photography. With photo not as either of our forte, we set out to do all of our own photography. Pulling from our favorite recipe and food blogs, and arranging a suitable style.


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I designed and developed the entire site as mobile first from the ground up with Liquid HTML and SASS, and gave it a fully responsive layout, check it out my GitHub Repository to nerd out on the details.



Tablet and Mobile