Announcing Peepr

In under 48 hours at ENVOY’s Summer Hack 2014, my team (The Envoyeurs1) sprinted and hacked together an addictive game for social voyeurs. We call it peepr2, it’s a game for those who like to watch, a.k.a. the social peepr’s. Built on the web, peepr challenges it’s players to see how well they know who they follow on Twitter. It’s a basic “who said it” game, but with tweets, along with a leaderboard to track the biggest peepr’s out there (get it?).

It was an awesome experience, being able to design this along side some awesome teammates. My fellow Envoyeurs include Josh Austin3, Josh Hemsley4, Kevin Simmons, Josh Eck, David Koontz, and Keenan Staffieri. The dream team, a buncha champs.

In the end, we were voted #2 by our ENVOY peers, which is awesome. And the most rewarding part … the game is actually really fun to play. Don’t believe me? Then give it a peep for yourself.

We’ll post our process soon on the Envoyeurs website.



1 Peepr Website

2 Envoyeurs Website

3 Josh Austin

4 Josh Hemsley